You wanna put your songs on Here is the rules:

1. Supports MP3 format only. Required for online playing.
2. Songs must be named like "Artist - Title" format. It necessary for let users know who is the author of each song.
3. MP3 quality limitation 128-320 kbps. MP3 tags are welcome.
4. Count of songs 5 - 20. We do not guarantee all songs will be posted, so you may send us more.
5. Cover is required. It must contain a decent image only (without any erotic or nasty content).
6. At first time all songs are placed on our server and available for online playing. Later it will be moved to file sharing service and available for download only.
7. It's free for now.


1. Upload the pack in the ZIP/RAR format at any FREE file sharing service and send us link for download. In the letter also specify artist and pack/album name.
2. Don't forget to include in the pack a file with Cover in JPG/PNG format. 

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Something else? E-mail us or use the contact formular.