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30 Jun 2015  20:02
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01.Trap Finesse Intro
02.Jay Hen Gwoppa ft DopeGod - Alotta Niggas
03.Gucci Mane ft Soulja Boy - Born With It
04.Young Scooter ft Future - Play With Them Keys
05.Jay Hen Gwoppa - Free Guwop
06.Bankroll Fresh - Workin
07.Que - Gucci Said
08.MPA Wicced ft Migos Jose Guapo - Customer
09.Fredo Santana ft Maxo Kream - Big Homies
10.Shy Glizzy - Them Dudes Ft Ant Glizzy
11.Yung Ralph - Get Rid Of Em
12.Chief Keef - Ride On Me
13.Jay Hen Gwoppa ft Yung Sizzle - Act Like It
14.Jay Hen Gwoppa - El Gwoppo
15.Lil Resse - Benji Chasin
16.Young Thug - No Joke
17.Yung Yummie ft Shy Glizzy - When Im Bored
18.Chief Keef- Runnin
19.Skooly ft 2 Chainz - Gas
20.Migos - John Wick
21.Zed Zilla - All Dis Money
22.Fetty Wap - Sumn Quick
23.Jay Hen Gwoppa - Legalized
24.Travis Scott ft Young Thug - Drunk
25.Migos - Pretty Little Lady
26.YFN Lucci ft Yo Gotti - I Wonder Why Remix
27.Travis Scott - Antidote
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30 Jun 2015  20:01
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01.Don Dee- Dig It
02.Swisha Man Slim ft. Bohagan, Lil Scrappy- All The Way Up
03.Linen King ft Looni- Drunk D
04.Kris Da Rapper ft Swisha Man, Swazy-TDFW Remix
05.Dirty Head- Go Get Her
06.UBL- War
07.C Bear- I know You See Me
08.Boomalot- Count Me In
09.Dj Crazy C ft Big K, Bombay- Dats My Bra
10.Looni- Magic
11.Star Life Breezy- Do It For The Doe
12.Rich Life Boyz- Lil More
13.Linen King- Shake That
14.Street Sweepa- Himalaya
15.Bae Sheezy ft S. Beezy- Our Lil Secret
16.Tony B- YNBS
17.Boomalot- Kickin Shit
18.Street Sweepa ft Mac Bre Z- Sweep The Floor
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30 Jun 2015  19:59
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01.Rico Richie - Poppin
02.Lil Wun Alejandro, Eddie Cain, Neno Teezy, Cash - Family
03.Eddie Cain - YaYo Ft. Lil Wun Alejandro
04.Lil Wun Alejandro - All I Ever Wanted
05.Eddie Cain - Blowed Ft. Pride
06.Lil Wun Alejandro - Aint Talkin Bout Shit
07.Yung Ralph - Get Rid Of Them Ft. T Mac
08.Juicy J - Film Ft. Future
09.Eddie Cain - 100 Bricks Ft. Cash
10.Ralph ee - Im So High ft.Eddie Cain Lil Wun Alejandro
11.Eddie Cain - 350 Ft. KP
12.Don Trip - Lil Homie
13.Eddie Cain - Drunk Song Ft. Pride
14.Que - Gucci Said
15.Lil Wun Alejandro - Aint Real No Mo
16.Young Jeezy - Everything Back Ft. Young Dolph, Bankroll Fresh
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30 Jun 2015  19:58
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01.Gucci Mane ft Fetty Wap Jadakiss Young Niggas
02.Que Cant Call It
03.Gucci Mane Spray For Me
04.Shawty Lo Look Like This
05.Bobby Shmurda Bobby Bitch (Remix)
06.Gucci Mane Born With It (Remix)
07.Fredo Santana ft Maxo Kream Big Homies
08.Migos Pretty Little Lady
09.Gino Marley Trap
10.Kevin Gates ft Neno Calvin All Day
11.Chief Keef Zero To Two Fifty
12.Future Neighborhood Drug Dealer (Remix)
13.Kevin Gates ft Xander Rex Rider
14.BLVD Marc ft Fetty Wap Yung Joc Word On The Street
15.Migos John Wick
16.Gucci Mane Ball
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30 Jun 2015  19:56
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01.Fredo Santana (Feat. Maxo Kream) - Big Homies
02.Lil Reese (Feat. Chief Keef) - Brazy [Prod. By Chief Keef]
03.Futur0 - News Or Somthn [Prod. By Nard & B]
04.YFN Lucci (Feat. Yo Gotti) - I Wonder Why (Remix)
05.Fetty Wap - Ride Or Die
06.OT Genasis (Feat. Lil Wayne) - Do It
07.Soulja Boy - Rick Ross
08.Travi$ Scott - Antidote
09.Yung Simmie (Feat. Shy Glizzy) - When Im Bored (Remix)
10.Young Thug - Be Me See Me
11.Lil Reese (Feat. Lil Durk) - Myself [Prod. By Chase Davis]
12.Lil Nuka - Started From Those Bags [Prod. By Ignorvance]
13.Que - Cant Call It [Prod. By Zaytoven]
14.DJ Durel (Feat. Offset, Jose Guapo, Prince Ink & Yak Gotti) - Alley Oop
15.Fetty Wap - Boomin
16.Johnny Cinco - Understand Me [Prod. By OG Parker]
17.DeJ Loaf (Feat. Young Thug) - Shawty
18.XVL Hendrix - Paid In Full
19.Young Jeezy (Feat. Young Dolph & Bankroll Fresh) - Everything [Prod. By Zaytoven]
20.Jose Guapo (Feat. Quavo) - DUI
21.Vinlee (Feat. Bando) - Smoke Drank Chiill
22.Que - Gucci Said [Prod. By SonnyDigital]
23.Ruga (Feat. Young Profits) - Dirtroad
24.Skooly - Bussin Down
25.Sauce Walka - I Did It
26.Saville (Feat. Bankroll Fresh) - Aint Bout Money [Prod. By 30Roc]
27.Gucci Mane (Feat. Soulja Boy) - Born Wit It [Prod. By Mike Will Made It]
28.OG Maco - Handle Me [Prod. By Spliff Huxtable & Maco Mattox]
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27 Jun 2015  20:36
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Equanokz - Luxury Ride Instrumentals Vol. 1
01.BabySteps 89 BPM
02.ComeBack 80 BPM
03.MaskOff 96 BPM
04.Motivation 88 BPM
05.NextUp 90 BPM
06.Nimbus 107 BPM
07.Obey 92 BPM
08.Please 92 BPM
09.StingRay 91 BPM
10.SunnyDayz 86 BPM
11.TunnelVision 124 BPM
12.UnIntended 95 BPM
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Equanokz - Luxury Ride Instrumentals Vol. 2
01.Absolute 109 BPM
02.AlmostThere 90 BPM
03.Ambrosia 123 BPM
04.AprilsFoul 119 BPM
05.Hierarchy 130 BPM
06.Innovate 116 BPM
07.LovePotion 103 BPM
08.Regal 135 BPM
09.UpTooSoon 116 BPM
10.Vitality 111 BPM
11.WayBack 90 BPM
12.Why 96 BPM
109 MB
Equanokz - Luxury Ride Instrumentals Vol. 3
01.Before 102 BPM
02.BellyRing 102 BPM
03.BlackFantasy 82 BPM
04.BraveHeart 101 BPM
05.Felicidad 107 BPM
06.LetsDance 96 BPM
07.Saxxx 97 BPM
08.Trivia 86 BPM
09.Turmoil 95 BPM
10.Umbrella 101 BPM
11.Understanding 66 BPM
12.Unfold 109 BPM
120 MB
Equanokz - Luxury Ride Instrumentals Vol. 4
01.Ceremony 99 BPM
02.Chariot 96 BPM
03.Choices 105 BPM
04.ChordMartial 94 BPM
05.JustLetMe 120 BPM
06.KeyNotes 92 BPM
07.LoveRain 104 BPM
08.Outstanding 72 BPM
09.ThatSwing 98 BPM
10.TheBaddest 89 BPM
11.ToTheEnd 109 BPM
12.TripleThreat 88 BPM
111 MB
Equanokz - Luxury Ride Instrumentals Vol. 5
01.Aerial 123 BPM
02.BeHonest 90 BPM
03.Cohesive 105 BPM
04.Counterfeit 113 BPM
05.Crescendo 96 BPM
06.Deserved 106 BPM
07.Milk-N-Cookies 96 BPM
08.NeonDelights 109 BPM
09.SoLong 72 BPM
10.Soulidify 96 BPM
11.SummerHeat 98 BPM
12.Vanity 96 BPM
115 MB
Equanokz - Luxury Ride Instrumentals Vol. 6
01.Congrats 93 BPM
02.DoWorst (interlude) 91 BPM
03.Dominion 140 BPM
04.DontFront 134 BPM
05.EarlyBirth 96 BPM
06.FoSho 99 BPM
07.Intricate 92 BPM
08.SmokeScreen 125 BPM
09.SnowFlakes 88 BPM
10.Solace 92 BPM
11.Suggestion 96 BPM
12.Tragedy 98 BPM
115 MB
Equanokz - Luxury Ride Instrumentals Vol. 7
01.FirstLove 96 BPM
02.ForAGirl 96 BPM
03.LadyBug 117 BPM
04.Loosely 99 BPM
05.LordKnows 85 BPM
06.MoonSon 96 BPM
07.Sedated 96 BPM
08.SleptOn 86 BPM
09.SlightOff 107 BPM
10.SlimChance 94 BPM
11.Stare 96 BPM
12.Storm 124 BPM
115 MB
Equanokz - Luxury Ride Instrumentals Vol. 8
01.Fortune 101 BPM
02.Fragrance 123 BPM
03.GetUp 84 BPM
04.Giddy 91 BPM
05.LifeTime 117 BPM
06.Milk-N-Cookies 96 BPM
07.PreLude 99 BPM
08.RealFresh 89 BPM
09.Replenished 95 BPM
10.Resume 77 BPM
11.RoughDyme 115 BPM
12.TwoOfUs 100 BPM
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27 Jun 2015  20:05
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01.Bars Of Attraction
02.Lil Boy Lil Boy ft Jamison Airplane and JDay
04.Flicka Da Wrist (Gang Gang Mix)
05.Whole Lotta
06.Money Counter ft StevO
07.Servin Barz ft Yung Bing
08.Make This Money ft J Day (Snippet)
09.Fucking With Me ft StevO
10.What You Know About That
11.Everybody Wanna Be The Man ft Yung Bing and JDay
12.Da Corner ft Jamison Airplane
13.Fuck Up Some Commas (Gang Gang Mix)
14.Rich Forever (Prod. By Young Forever)
15.Paper (Prod. By Xavier Jordan)
16.Designer - Bonus Track
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25 Jun 2015  19:26
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01.Fetty Wap - Boomin
02.French Montana ft Lil Wayne Rick Ross - Lose It (Prod Kanye West)
03.Meek Mill x French Montana x Chris Brown x Rico Richie - Poppin (TXL Mix)
04.TraviS Scott - Antidote
05.Future - News Or Somthn
06.OT Genasis ft Lil Wayne - Do It
07.Tyga ft Lil Wayne - 4 My Dawgs
08.K Camp - 935PM
09.Offset ft Young Jeezy - Work
10.Fetty Wap - Ride Or Die
11.Tyga ft Boosie Badazz - Pleazer
12.Audio Push - Lil Bit (Remix)
13.Chedda Da Connect ft Fetty Wap, Yo Gotti, Boosie Badazz, Boston George - Flicka Da Wrist (Remix)
14.Migos - John Wick
15.Cassidy ft Various Artists - MMM (Remix)
16.Jadakiss - Shame On Ya
17.Edai 600 ft DJ Meal Ticket - Energy (Freestyle)
18.Shy Glizzy ft YFN Lucci - We Them Dudes
19.Bankroll Fresh - Workin
20.Jimmy Johnson - Star Baby
21.Fetty Wap - Sumn Quick
22.Beadone - Git R Done (TXL Artists Feature)
23.Young Goldie ft Young Dolph - Be Yourself
24.Freeway ft Scholito - U Mad (Freemix)
25.Method Man ft Hanz On - Serious
26.Vado - Reservoir Dogs (Freestyle)
27.Don Trip - Lil Homie
28.Fetty Wap ft Monty - Young Niggaz
29.YFN Lucci ft Yo Gotti - I Wonder Why (Remix)
30.Que - Cant Call It
31.Johnny Cinco - Thats Whats Going On
32.Migos - Pretty Lady
33.DeJ Loaf ft Young Thug - Shawty
34.Rico Love ft Kevin Gates, Trina, Trick Daddy - Coldest (Remix)
35.Thats True (Instrumental) (Prod @DJReddyRell)

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